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Thimble makes general liability insurance affordable.

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  • Unlimited Certificates of Insurance
  • Waivers of Subrogation at no extra cost
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What is general liability insurance?

General liability (GL) insurance protects a business against the risk of accidents like bodily injury and property damage that happen to a third party.

General liability insurance is the most essential insurance for a business. If you don’t have it and something happens while you’re on the job, one big claim could cost enough to put you out of work. With general liability insurance, you’ll have the protection you need to stay focused on building your business.

What’s covered with general liability insurance?

Bodily Injury
General liability insurance coverage protects against claims of physical injury to a third party.

Property Damage
Coverage for damages to another entity’s property. If you don’t own it and you break it, general liability insurance can help.

Medical Expenses
If a customer’s injury requires a hospital visit and they want you to foot the bill, you’ll want GL on hand.

Defense Costs
If settling a claim lands you in court, GL can help you “lawyer up.”

Personal + Advertising Injury
Claims that you publicized something damaging the reputation of another party.

How do I get general liability insurance?

Getting a general liability insurance policy is based on just a few things:

  • What do you do?
  • Where do you work?
  • How big is your team (crew)?
  • How long do you need coverage for?

Thimble makes general liability insurance affordable, with Thimble Monthly and Thimble On-Demand plans that also allow you to:

  • Get unlimited copies of your Certificate of Insurance (COI)
  • Add unlimited Additional Insureds at no additional charge
  • Receive a Waiver of Subrogation at no additional charge
  • Add crew members or change policy limits instantly
  • Pause or cancel anytime*
*A policy under 24 hours in duration cannot be canceled, nor its paid premium returned, once the policy incepts. Only Thimble Monthly policies can be paused, one time and for up to 30 days