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Care, Custody, and Control

Care, custody, or control (CCC) is a term that prevents an insured individual from claiming compensation on property not owned by them that was damaged while in their care. General liability policies typically cover property that is owned by the insured party and not third-party property.

How does it work?

As a small business owner, your clients may trust you with their property. Whether you’re a furniture repair professional restoring your clients’ antique armoire, a computer repair technician with a desktop in your shop, or a dog walker, your clients expect you to take good care of their possessions while they’re in your custody and control.

What happens if you damage or lose your clients’ property, or their beloved pet is injured on your watch? It all depends on your insurance policy. Care, custody, and control (CCC) insurance coverage can help to protect you from liability in the case of a mishap while on the job. Yet many insurance policies specifically exclude this kind of liability. So how do you make sure you’re covered? Read on to learn everything you need to know about CCC insurance.

How most insurers treat care, custody, and control

You repair TVs. You take pride in your cautiousness, but should you accidentally crack a screen, you could be liable—even if you have general liability insurance.

You’re a housekeeper at a client’s home, and you frequently move objects to thoroughly dust surfaces. Should you crack an object, you could be liable to replace it.

Why would you be liable in these scenarios? It all comes down to whether or not your insurance has a CCC exclusion.

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CCC exclusions

An insurance exclusion is a provision in your policy that excludes a certain kind of risk from your coverage. A CCC exclusion, therefore, excludes an event when a client’s property is in your care, custody, and control. The definition is as follows:

  • Care – Your client’s property is temporarily under your care
  • Custody – It is your responsibility to keep that property safe while it’s under your care (i.e. no one else has been tasked with guarding it)
  • Control – You have the power over the property

If your insurance excludes property under your care, custody, and control, you won’t be covered in the event that you damage a client’s property. If you aren’t sure whether or not your insurance carries a CCC exclusion, it’s worth asking so that you can make sure you have the insurance coverage you need.

Bailments & Bailees

If you’re looking for a way to ensure your customers’ property while it’s in your protection, you may have also seen the term “bailee’s customer insurance.” This is another way of describing the relationship between a business owner, a client, and their property:

The Bailer Owns a Piece of Property

The bailee has temporary custody of the property, but is expected to return it (they “hold it in bailment”). Bailee’s customer insurance is usually a kind of inland marine insurance. In this case, the name is deceiving: inland marine insurance isn’t just for marines. Rather, it can be used to protect property during domestic shipping (by air, land, or sea), and to protect property temporarily in the custody of a bailee.

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Finding CCC insurance

If your professional responsibilities include taking care of your clients’ possessions, it’s important that you have CCC insurance. Here are some ways you could make sure you’re covered with care custody and control insurance:

Find a general liability policy that does not exclude CCC coverage

If you’re a professional whose main job entails caring for other people’s property, make sure your insurance has your back. For example, Thimble’s Cleaners Janitors and Pets Insurance policies automatically come with CCC coverage.

Add on CCC coverage to your general liability policy

If your insurer’s liability policy excludes CCC coverage by default, there may still be a way to add-on CCC coverage to a basic policy. CCC is an optional add-on for many Thimble policies.

Consider inland marine insurance

Inland marine insurance is a specific kind of policy that can protect your own business equipment or property.

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