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Why do I need Life Coach Insurance?

Being a life coach is a unique mix of rewarding and risky. First and foremost, you work to help people improve their lives. However, the operative word there is help—as a life coach, you act as an usher into a better way of life, but your clients are the ones who need to get themselves up and follow your lead.

As a result, clients who are expecting you to do all of the work can easily become disgruntled and, worst of all, litigious. Moreover, simply by interacting face-to-face with your clients, you’re vulnerable to general liabilities that every working professional is exposed to.

Because of these multifaceted risks, your clients might require you to come to the table with an active life coach insurance policy. Even if they don’t, the coverage liability insurance offers life coaches is a worthy investment you should consider making.

What does Life Coach Insurance cover?

Now that you have an idea of how the cost works, consider the coverage liability insurance for life coaches offers.

Life coaches should purchase two types of commercial insurance: general liability insurance and professional liability insurance. Having these two types of coverage can help protect your business against the many of the financial risks a life coaching career comes with.

Here are examples of the forms of coverage you’d have access to if you invest in insurance for your life coaching business:

Third-party, non-employee bodily injury: Maybe you invite a client to speak with you in your home office. On her way up your front steps, she trips and lands directly onto her knee. After visiting the doctor, she’s crutch-bound for a month, and her burgeoning dance career is sidelined for ever longer. You’re on the hook for defraying her losses, so you tap into your life coach General Liability Insurance policy by filing a claim for this bodily injury.

Third-party property damage: Alternatively, imagine one of your clients invites you to meet with him in his home office. He greets you at the door, and on the way to his workspace, you accidentally knock his collection of crystal glasses with your bag. All the glasses tip and shatter, and you’re responsible for replacing them.

Defense costs: Even if you dot all of your i’s, cross all of your t’s, and skirt every single crystal glass collection you encounter, your life coaching career is still vulnerable to unfounded claims. If someone decides to sue your life coaching business, no matter how untrue their claim might be, you’ll need to pay for a lawyer to prove their claim is false.

Errors & omissions: If, at any point, you or your employees fulfill your life coaching services imperfectly, professional liability coverage could help you address any losses your customers experience as a result of working with you. Say, for instance, advice you give your client directly results in her losing her job. She could file a claim that your services resulted in her financial loss, and you could be on the hook for whatever compensation she’s found to deserve. 

How much does Life Coach Insurance cost?

With Thimble, you can purchase policies by the hour, day, and month, so you’ll only pay for the time you’re working. Get an instant quote to better understand exactly how much it will cost.

The cost of your Life Coach Insurance policy depends on a few moving parts:

Policy Length: Decide how long you need your life coach insurance policy to be active. Depending on how frequently you work as a life coach, the time span of your coverage could last from a few hours to a few months.

If you’re working one-off, infrequent life coaching sessions, then individual, short-term policies might serve you well. However, if you’re performing life coach services consistently year-round, then you might need to invest in a longer-term policy.

Depending on your needs, investing in one, long-term policy could be more cost-effective than purchasing multiple short-term policies repeatedly. At the end of the day, your life coach insurance policy should apply to every moment you’re working as a life coach, so investing in the exact length of coverage you need will be worth whatever investment it requires.

Who Your Policy Covers: You also need to determine how many people will be covered by your policy. If you have employees, volunteers, interns, or any other team members who help you fulfill your life coach services, they need to be included on your policy. Investing in their coverage now could save you untold sums in covered liabilities down the road.

Additional Insureds: You may need to add any company you contract with to your life coach insurance policy. Add as many Additional Insureds as you’d like with Thimble—they’re free.

Say your life coach services are contracted by a company as a fringe benefit for their employees. You’ll need to add this company to your policy as an Additional Insured, and they might even ask for an updated Certificate of Insurance as proof that you actually added them.

Coverage Limit: Your coverage limit is simply the amount of money a policyholder is able to access from their insurance provider through their policy. Through Thimble, you’ll be able to choose a life coach insurance policy with a limit of $1,000,000 or $2,000,000. Investing in a higher policy limit could mean the difference between complete and partial claim coverage down the line, and typically the price difference between the two is minimal in comparison to the additional coverage you will receive.

Policy Add-Ons: If you’re accessing liability insurance for life coaches through Thimble, then you’ll be able to add on coverage for additional activities. Available add-ons for your life coach insurance could include printing, sign installation, and even Vendor Insurance. With each additional activity you add on, your policy will offer even more coverage, and save you from having to purchase separate policies for the services you offer.

How quickly can I get a Certificate of Insurance?

If you choose to purchase liability insurance for life coaches through Thimble, then you’ll be able to access your Certificate of Insurance instantly. Having immediate access to this document will help you easily prove your coverage and verify the details of your policy.

How do I get Life Coach Insurance with Thimble

All you need to do is fill out a few details about your life coaching business, input your ZIP code, and enter your desired coverage length (which can be hourly, daily, or monthly). After that, you’ll have a free quote in an instant. In just 60 seconds, you can go from having zero coverage to being safe and secure with a stellar policy made just for you.

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