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Huffing and puffing are for the field of play, not for dealing with mishaps leading to someone’s injury or property damage, like when the ace throws a fastball into the stands.

While we can’t guarantee that the home team will win, Thimble’s Sports Insurance can help protect you—the event organizer—from the financial consequences resulting from accidents, whether you have an afternoon playoff or a weekend championship.

What is Sports Insurance?

Sports Insurance is a type of special event insurance that provides coverage for liability risks associated with hosting sporting events. From soccer matches to tennis tournaments, Sports Insurance can shield the event organizers against financial losses because of third-party claims of bodily injury or property damage.

Think of Sports Insurance as the goalie that stands between you and claims like:

  • Slip-and-fall accidents that cause bodily injury
  • Property damage to rented premises
  • Damage to a spectator’s personal property

What does Sports Insurance cover?

If someone brings a claim against you, you’ll want a strong defense on your side. Your Sports Insurance can provide the legal investigation, defense, and settlement of claims.

You can expect a Sports Insurance policy to cover the financial consequences of claims from onlookers, bystanders, or the venue owners, including these scenarios:

  • Third-party bodily injury: You could be liable for a spectator’s bodily injury, such as their medical expenses if they are injured at the sporting event. However, if you have employees, you should almost always have workers’ compensation coverage.
  • Third-party property damage: Sports are physical. If someone’s personal property is damaged at the event, you could be held responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing the item.
  • Damages from liquor liability: Everyone loves a tailgate. For sporting events where you allow alcohol consumption, you could be held liable if a participant injures another person or damages someone’s property. If you are selling alcoholic beverages, you may need additional liquor liability coverage on your policy.
  • Personal and advertising injury: People want to support their favorite teams, but they can go too far and bash the other side. If you’re accused of slander during the event, personal and advertising injury can protect you from the consequences of what happens “in the moment.”

How much does Sports Insurance cost?

Sports Insurance via Thimble is designed for small events with less than 250 participants. Your premium will be contingent on how many people are expected at the event, how hazardous the event is considered, the length of the event, and whether or not you require additional liquor liability.

The longer or more dangerous the event is, the more your premium will be. For example, a downhill ski event might be more expensive than a tennis tournament because there are more potential risks to putting on a snow sports event.

Here’s a range of Thimble’s Sports Insurance costs without coverage for additional liquor liability:

Sports insurance cost range

Who needs Sports Insurance?

If you are a small business sponsoring a sporting match or an individual planning a fun community competition, you should be racing to get Sports Liability Insurance.

If you aren’t sure what can go wrong at a sporting event, take a look at these examples:

  • Runaway baseball: A batter takes a good cut at the ball but sends it foul into someone’s watch, shattering it. You could be liable for damages.
  • Flying tennis racket: A tennis player lunges for a ball but loses the grip on his racket, which flies into the stands, striking a fan. You could be liable for her injuries.
  • Basketball player collision: After a game, two players are goofing off in the parking lot, leading to a loose ball scramble. The players collide with a passerby and he falls. You could be held liable for any injuries caused.

Furthermore, you’ll likely need to make arrangements with a venue where the event will take place. Most venues will require you to provide them with proof of insurance by submitting a certificate of liability insurance. Venues generally want to see a $1 million limit for general liability coverage before they will approve the sporting event.

The Thimble app makes it easy to have access to your policy and COI at all times, ready to forward it on-demand to any requesting party. Even if the venue doesn’t require it, you should still consider getting insured.

Get insured, play with confidence

Hosting a sports event without Sports Insurance is like running a marathon on empty: it can be done, but we highly recommend against it. At the sporting event, you have too much exposure for someone to cry “foul” and lead to a financial drain on your business or even personally. Get Sports Insurance to protect your wallet.

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Sports Insurance FAQs

What other types of Sports Insurance do I need?

Depending on the event and what you provide, you may need more than just Sports Insurance. Consider these other policies:

  • Business equipment protection: Provides coverage for accidental damage or loss to your sports equipment while traveling to or at games.
  • Accident insurance: This pays for medical costs if a player or other participant is injured during the event.
  • Directors & officers insurance: Covers members of your board of directors or officers of your company if they are sued for financial mismanagement of the event.

What if I only need one-day insurance?

Thimble’s special event insurance is designed for short-term needs. Policies offered through Thimble will cover your event for one day up to two weeks (yes, that includes set-up and breakdown time). Need a rain check? Cancel your policy anytime before the event to get a refund.

What are Thimble’s Sports Insurance coverage policy limits?

Liability limits for Thimble’s Sports Insurance start at $1 million per occurrence with a $1 million aggregate. You can increase the liability limits to $2 million with a $2 million aggregate if you choose.

Do I need Sports Insurance if my event is held on the property of my home?

Our answer is maybe. You’ll still want to be protected from claims if you are at home vs. a large venue. To be sure, check with your homeowners insurance provider to see what endorsement can be added to the policy or get specialized event insurance to make sure you are protected for your big day.

Does Sports Insurance via Thimble cover event cancellation?

No. Our special event insurance does not cover event cancellation. However, your Sports Insurance policy is fully refundable as long as it is canceled before the event starting date or time.

Cleaners and Janitors insurance protects your business from lawsuits, if you or your property accidentally hurts a third party or damages their property.

  • umbrella
    Bodily Injury
  • home
    Property Damage
  • gavel
    Legal Defense
  • stopwatch
    Medical Payments

Covered Activities

  • Car / Boat / Vehicle Washing or Detailing
  • Housekeepers
  • Janitorial Services including Carpet and Window Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing

Optional Add-Ons

  • Exterior Painting
  • Floor Waxing
  • HVAC
  • Plastering
  • Plumbing (other than a leaky faucet or toilet)
  • Snow / Ice Removal

Excluded Activities

  • Inspectors
  • Floor waxing during business hours or in commercial buildings with heavy foot traffic(malls, grocery / convenience / drug stores, hospitals, airports)
  • Performing Work over Three Stories in Height(30 Feet)

What's Not Covered by Your Policy

  • Activities Involving Firearms
  • Performing Work over Three Stories in Height (30 feet)
  • Work on 10 or More New Homes or New Residential Units in Any One Project or Development
  • See full policy for details

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