Introduction to Thimble API's

In order to utilize Thimble’s APIs, Thimble and your company must start by signing a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement. API documents, accessible in Apiary (see links below), will be made available prior to executing a Partner Agreement with our Business Development team ( Appkeys will be distributed only after a Partner Agreement, which includes terms and conditions for usage of the API, is executed.

Partner Quote API


Thimble’s Quote API provides 3rd party partners with a simple way to get back bindable quotes for a Small Business Insurance policy, ranging from durations as short as one hour and as long as eleven months. A partner must provide Job Type and Zip Code to get back a few quotes each with varying duration and can provide a specific duration to get back a specific quote.

Step 1: api_search_activities
Partner Fields Collected
Activity ID Zip Code
Thimble API Endpoint Response
Thimble Job Types
Step 2: api_get_options
Partner Fields Collected
Selected Job Type Coverage Limit
Thimble API Endpoint Response
Available Coverage Available Limits
Step 3: call api_get_options
Partner Fields Collected
Selected Coverage Selected Limit Email Address * Start Date * End Date * Name * Business Name *
Thimble API Endpoint Response
Multiple Bindable Quotes Quote-Specific Purchase Link
  • Usage of Optional parameters will increase conversion upon click
  • Usage of Purchase Link will streamline the process for a user

Insurance Details: Coverage Amounts and Covered Job Types

(this section requires Partner input)

On the accompanying Thimble Partner API Quote Worksheet, there are two areas for a partner’s completion:

1. Minimum Coverage Limit Required
Select the minimum coverage amount your platform requires. Options are either $1MM/$1MM or $2MM/$2MM. Coverage limits often vary based on job type. If not sure, just select $1MM/$1MM. The $2MM/$2MM will always be available.

2. Activity Types
List the types of activities the partner’s customers may undertake. Thimble will map the partner’s Activity Types to Thimble’s Job Categories. If there is no match, this means that Thimble does not currently offer Coverage for the activity.

Partner Fields Collected
Mapped Thimble Job Type
Consultants + Freelancers


Note Verifly is in progress of moving its API to Thimble’s domain. Thimble Insurance Services is a d/b/a name of Verifly Insurance Services.

Apiary API Documentation & Mock API Service

Stage URL Sandbox

Production URL

Partner API Access

Once the Partner Agreement is mutually executed, you will receive an appkey and a secretkey. You are responsible for protecting these keys. If you suspect your appkey or secretkey have been compromised, you are required to notify us.

Please note that all API calls require an appkey provided to you as part of the sign-up process. In addition, all calls require the use of a payload signature for security purposes. This will require you use a secretkey also provided to you as part of the signup process.

Typical Usage


call api_search_activitiesPOST
By providing your appkey and the zipcode of your customer, we can provide a list of the eligible activities. You will need to provide the activity_id provided by the response to this call to make the next call.


call api_get_optionsPOST
Based on the activity_id of the previous step (and the user’s zip code), this endpoint will return information about that activity such as available policy limits (typically $1MM/$1MM and $2MM/$2MM) as well as any add-ons available. This is necessary as input into the quote call next. To get a quote you will need to provide the options and if desired, addons.


call api_get_quotePOST
In this call, you will generate the actual quote request. Many of the inputs are options, however please provide
as much information as you can from your system to ours. This will make the final purchase/checkout process
as fast as possible since the user will not have to re-enter this information.

For coverage_start_timestamp and coverage_end_timestamp, if you don’t know the details of when the policy should start and end, please leave these empty. The system will provide you with quotes for one hour, one
day and one month by default –daily_rate_by_hourhourly_rate_by_hourmonthly_rate_by_hour

Of particular interest, please make use of “purchase_link” in the response. When the user is ready to purchase
a policy, please provide them with this link to complete the purchase. The link will contain tracking information
as well as the quote_id parameter. By using this link, all the information you have provided to us about the user
will be pre-filled out in their application process. This will greatly reduce the time it will take for an insured to complete the purchase process and make sure attribution is maintained.