This App Just Made Getting Quality Business Insurance Unbelievably Cheap

Your small business is no small matter.

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Anything that could go wrong could end up costing you an arm and a leg. But getting insurance is expensive, time-consuming, and confusing, right? Not anymore.

Thimble is A-rated business insurance that saves you time and money because it’s designed for how you work—it’s insurance broken up by the hour, day, week, or month. 

If you’re a small business owner, especially if you work part time, you know that the cost of taking out a traditional annual policy just isn’t worth it. You usually end up paying for lots of extra time when you’re not actually on the job (bad for business, bad for you).

Thimble is the first and only insurance provider breaking up one-size-fits-all policies for your one-of-a-kind workday. That means the perfect amount of coverage, more money in your pocket, and the peace of mind to do more with your business.

Backed by top insurer Markel, Thimble is available in two dynamic ways: on-demand and monthly.

Thimble On Demand means you choose the timeframe when you’re working and buy the coverage upfront. You pay a little, and if anything happens during that time, you’re covered for a lot.

Thimble Monthly works for business owners who are always on the clock. It allows you to set up ongoing coverage on a monthly payment plan, so you and your crew can keep climbing.

Over 120 professions can get insured through Thimble, so if you’re not sure what you need, you can answer a few simple questions and get the freedom to do your best work ever.

Insurance designed for how you work means it should also be able to go with you where you work. Thimble is the only small business insurance provider with a mobile app.

Download Thimble on Android or iOS, get an Acord 25 Certificate of Insurance, and instantly send it to anyone who needs it. Add Additional Insureds, modify, or cancel your policy (for free) on the app anytime, whether you’re on the way to a work site, DJing a dog show, or just prepping for your weekly staff meeting.


It’s never been easier to get total flexibility in an instant. Put Thimble in your pocket and you’ll have coverage up your sleeve.