Uploading a CSV to the Broker Portal

Note: You must be an account admin to use this feature. If you are not an account admin and would like to be one, please contact brokers@thimble.com.

Admins can add multiple team members to the Broker Portal by uploading a CSV. When you add agents, you can see their referrals history, sales, and commissions.

1. To add agents, click the ‘Agents’ tab, then click the Upload Agent List (CSV) button.


2. Format your CSV file correctly. You may add as many team members as you would like, just make sure to include all of the necessary information. Setting ‘Show Commission’ to off prevents that broker from viewing their commission, but you will still be able to see it.

You can download our CSV template here: Broker CSV Template


3. Upload your CSV file. This will create broker accounts for all team members, and they will receive an email to set a password. Their account will come with their own Log-In, unique Broker ID, and share links.


4. Once your Agents are created, you will see them in your Agents Table. You can delete agents at anytime. By clicking the    icon, you can view their individual referrals table. 


5. You can see individual brokers registrations, purchases, extensions, and cancellations, and commissions. Or view all tracking for your agency in the main referrals table of the admin account.